"Entertaining Made Easy" 6 COCKTAIL KITS + 10% Discount!

Kits paired to Upcoming Holidays. Each kit makes 8 Cocktails. Price is charged monthly. Cancel anytime.

$ 26.95 was $ 29.95

  • Cocktail Box logo
  • Cranberry Rose Cosmo Cocktail Box (pink peppercorns spilling out)
  • Straight shot of Thai Basil Gimlet Cocktail Kit
  • Straight shot of Cranberry Rose Cosmo Cocktail Kit
  • Straight Shot of Smoke Y Margarita Cocktail Kit
  • Straight shot of Spiced Apple Toddy (seasonal) Cocktail kit
  • Champagne Flutes (Sparkling Rose Cocktail Cocktail Kit)
  • Mulitple cocktails of Pineapple Rum Punch Cocktail Kit
  • Two hands, friends sharing the Smoke Y Margarita Cocktail Kit

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Summer is here. Then fall.  Then holidays!  It's all happening so fast!  We've got you covered!  For every milestone throughout the year you can entertain at a moment's notice. 

Once a month you'll receive a Cocktail Kit tailored to the holiday in that month!

National Friendship Day (August 6th) - Pineapple Rum Punch because nothing says "friends forever" like a giant punch bowl!

Labor Day - Smoke Y Margarita - relax into the fall and go back to school in style.  But as a memory, toast with Margaritas.

Halloween - Chile Spiced Old Fashioned - spice up a spooky party with this unexpected Old Fashioned - pour all ingredients into a bowl, add some bourbon, ice and stir for a real trick and treat!  It's got Chocolate.  It's perfect for Halloween.

Thanksgiving - Spiced Apple Toddy - brave the family and any drama and enjoy the opportunity to be together and be grateful with the smell and taste of fall apples!

Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa -   Cranberry Rose Cosmo - it's red. It's festive.  And it pairs with Vodka which helps at all holiday functions.

New Years - Sparkling Rose Cocktail - our Sparkling wine paired Sparkling Rose Cocktail is the perfect celebration to cap off the year, remember all the good things that have happened and prepare for 2018!!!

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